suebee_1382723239_981Healthy living and healthy foods have been a part of my life even as a child. My mom read many books, listened and watched programs about health and exercise, and took my sister and I to the health food stores. She served us up healthy drink concoctions in the morning for which we quickly drank as the taste was not that appealing. As I ventured out on my own, I took some of this knowledge with me. Yet, as I got older and had strayed from the knowledge I learned, added weight and lower energy became challenges.

This is my New Journey 2 Heath. It was inspired after a cancer wake up call in the summer of 2016. Most diseases are 100% preventable but we have to make the choices BEFORE the diseases surface. We have to choose health because if we are diagnosed with a disease, the journey back to wholeness can be a challenging one. Gratefully, my healing process has been one of love, learning, and grace. I move forward to tell my story and to write about my journey 2 health in all areas of my life – body, mind, and spirit.

Blessings on your own journey,