Healthy Congruence

Who are we really? Inside each of us is our true, genuine self. Some of us shout it out loud and flaunt it while others may shriek back with shyness should anyone really see who they are or what they truly believe. It is my conviction that to be healthy, we have to be true to ourselves and we need to be congruent with what and who we are… being authentic. Hiding or throwing up a facade causes friction in our soul as well as when we don’t act from our principles or convictions.

Today’s writing prompt, that I pulled out of a little blue mesh bag created by artist and author Mary Ann Radmacher, said the following: “Be willing to be who you are in the full measure all day long.” Her quotes and prompts stirs my thinking about things that I have not expressed in the written word. I write in long hand when I contemplate. It allows me to slow down my mind and really think about the words and my reactions.


To be who I am, all day long, would not be an excuse to do or say whatever comes to mind, but to live and practice from my foundational beliefs throughout the day. It would consist of checking in and pausing to see if I am in congruence with what my soul’s desire is. Am I speaking and acting from love? Am I holding the highest thought for a situation? Am I speaking about other people with kindness even if they are not present in the conversation?

Throughout the day, I would remind myself often of who I really am – one who believes the best and anticipates the best and I would let that guide my next thought, my next word, and my next action even if I were alone. And, by seeing the highest good and visioning the best outcome, this practice has no room for negativity, drama, or constriction.

My life is always moving with the flow of the energy I place into it. I check in throughout the day to see if I am aligned with my true beliefs and exercise my willingness to be, in full measure, who I really am.

~ I AM ~


Healing an Awakened Heart

Over the course of the last 4 weeks, I have been using writing prompts by Mary Anne Radmacher in my journaling practice. These writing prompts have been very valuable in that they have allowed me to think about topics I would not have considered. They have also allowed the flow of creativity to come back to me as I heal from my two surgeries.

This past Monday’s prompt was “An awakened heart intentionally chooses what it will and what it will not embrace.” As I stared at the little card, I pondered the meaning of awakened-heart“embrace” or “to embrace.” To embrace (other than a hug) is to receive gladly or eagerly; to accept willingly, i.e., to embrace an idea. It also can mean to avail oneself to an opportunity. Other definitions include… to adopt a profession or religion such as to embrace Buddhism. Or, this can also mean to take in with the eye or the mind such as soaking in a sunset, or the feel of the air, or the scent of the surroundings. Lastly… embracing or to embrace is to encircle or surround someone with love or prayer, or to include or contain as in inviting someone into your space, or to shore up a plant with extra soil.

This all being said, as an awakened heart that is in the process of healing, I intentionally and eagerly and willingly accept into the circle of my atmosphere all ideas and opportunities that are filled with love, kindness, joy, abundance, beauty, healing of mind and body, and the upliftment of souls everywhere. Also, that everyone may be surrounded by peace; starting in their mind and shining outward into their lives. And, that each person feels contained and held up, supported and nourished by Life, and that this Love and this Oneness of life is experienced everywhere by every being.

May all beings be at ease, be happy, and be at peace with themselves.

I see this as part of my New Journey 2 Health.